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Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets(Buy One Get One Free)

Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets(Buy One Get One Free)

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Immunity development and strength is a rising concern today. To help tackle daily challenges of immune boosting, Nutri Essentials Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets are nutrition supplements made using comprehensive immune booster vitamins. Each effervescent supplement tablet of 1000 mg ascorbic acid contains Vitamin C equivalent to over 20 lemons. Available in delicious tangy orange flavour.

Major benefits of Vit C consumption:
• Immunity
• Healthy digestive function
• Healthy heart function
• Regulates cholesterol
• Aids in Iron absorption

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Composition: Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid), Lactose Monohydrate, Acidity Regulator, Sodium bicarbonate, Preservative, Crospovidone. Sweetner, Anticaking Agent, Dispersing Agent & Antifoaming Agent.

Recommended Usage: As advised by the dietician.

Direction: Drop the tablet in a glass of water. Allow the tablet to dissolve completely. Wait about one & half a minutes for the water to get clear. Stir the water & drink immediately.


Q.1) What is the importance of including Vitamin C in our diet?

Ans. Vitamin C has a number of health benefits:

  • Expedites the formation of Ascorbate that promotes growth and repair of tissues in the body
  • Helps in the absorption of Iron
  • Helps in maintaining the level of antioxidants in body that fight free radicals and diseases, and thereby building immunity


Q.2) What are the holistic health benefits of Vitamin C?

Ans. Vitamin C helps in:

  • Immune-building
  • Cardio-vascular health
  • Prenatal health concerns
  • Tooth, gums and oral health
  • Eye 7 Skin health


Q.3) Why do we need to consume Vitamin C supplements?

Ans. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin. This means that the body cannot store it in the body. Constant excretion of Vitamin C means that it needs to be restocked every day, to enjoy its health benefits as well.


Q.4) Is 1000mg Vitamin C every day a safe quantity?

Ans. With the times urging us to be more protective of our immune systems and adopt healthier lifestyles to make ourselves stronger, a good amount of Vitamin C is needed to help meet the right amount of ascorbate in the body. Between 500mg to 1000mg is normal to consume for an adult.


Q.5) What does “Effervescence” mean?

Ans. Effervescence is a quality in tablets that makes them high in absorption capacity. It has a number of benefits:


  • This enables the nutrient in the tablet to be more effective in the body.
  • It makes the dosage of the nutrient more stable.
  • They are easy to consume.
  • They are gentle on the body’s digestive system.
  • They are better tasting and easy to carry.


Q.6) What are the common signs of Vitamin C deficiency?

Ans. Vitamin C deficiency can show a number of signs in the body:


  • Tiredness
  • Joint pains
  • Lingering bruises that don’t heal
  • Skin dryness
  • Poor gum health
  • Difficulty in fighting infections

Tooth loss and weight loss

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