The current ongoing global pandemic has been a defining moment in all our lives. Human beings have been exposed to the trepidations brought forth by the very nature of this crisis and different effects have been felt by people everywhere with relative severities depending upon the time and place. Humanity, as a collective, has fallen prey to the fire breathed by this monstrous calamity and for the first time in recent memory, humans have been able to breach out of their self-constructed bubbles and experience a phenomenon so tragic in depth. We have been made to set aside our petty differences and come together as a species to get through this uncertainty. As humans beings were made vulnerable to their environment, a lot of gaps and crevices were exposed as a result of a prior unrepaired social fabric. We have been asked to, and in most cases been ordered to, act against our very natures and go against our own instincts. Being social animals, when the call to stay in isolation arrived, the very core of human existence was questioned. We do not do well stuck at a particular place as our instincts and our natural inquisitiveness always seemed to get the better of us. But since, the demand was put as a mandate, we forcefully had to change the way we thrive. And needless to say, this course of behaviors had multiple adverse impacts on our chemistries related to the mind and the body.


We are social animals. Denying us liberty of movement has had various negative effects on our health, both mental and physical. The obvious adversity which presents itself to us is the inability to get an adequate amount of exercise. Even basic mobility had been hampered due to bad circumstances, or simply owing to the lazy and lethargic attitudes most of us seem to adopt. Next comes the financial strain and the burden along with it, which made us budget our needs. Nutrition being one of those needs also had taken a blow in terms of monetary cutbacks and thus a vital part of our daily diet had been compromised. The average screen-time of an individual had also increased during this period, be that due to the work from home situation or simply utilizing technology for entertainment purposes. This had a straining effect on the eyes and also resulted in sleeplessness making conditions like insomnia to occur. Since the social life of many individuals had gotten to the point of total decimation and non-existence, increased isolation had led to the development of various mental conditions like anxiety and depression. Other social fears and pressures like the terrible financial burden of these current times and work pressure, reduced nutrient diet, and not getting enough exercise also lead to these conditions flaring up. Out of all these depravities, the one which arguably had the most amount of negative impact was not consuming a diet rich in the essential nutrients and vitamins. I struggled with similar challenges, but was ultimately able to arrive at the perfect solution to all my problems. NutriEssentials, an online health supplements store, offers a wide array of products perfect for supplementing your diet with, at prices that are extremely pocket-friendly.


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Having NutriEssentials as a nutrition supplement source has been an added advantage especially during these times, but one must never attempt to prioritize it or any such brand over the natural sources of nutritional value. They can only be a secondary supplement and one must always stride towards obtaining the essential vitamins and nutrients through natural sources. As mentioned earlier, the importance of daily exercise in one’s routine and an ample amount of sleep to rejuvenate and replenish the body, it is of the utmost importance to fulfill these bare minimum requirements in order to keep one’s body in shape and immunity levels up. So let us take a firm decision in our lives to go the healthy way and not fall prey to the numerous illnesses and ailments waiting for us out there.