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Immunity + Tablets

Immunity + Tablets

Rs. 399.00

A 3-in-1 formula to help in immune boosting through Zinc, Vit C and Vit D in your body, Nutri Essentials Immunity Tablets is your daily go-to solution. A powerful triple action formula of immune booster vitamins, these supplements provide you triple benefit in the form of Strength, Stamina and Immunity. Your daily dose to strong inner health is also in a convenient chewable form.


A powerful triple action formula, these tablets are a regular source of ascorbic acid for your body’s immune boosting needs.


Major benefits of Immunity+ Chewable Tablets:

  • Immunity booster
  • Bone strength
  • Memory enhancement
  • Prevents infections
  • Increases stamina
  • Builds strength


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Product Benefits


Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 with Zin and Amla Extract Chewable Tablets

Composition: Sucrose, Vitamin C(Sodium L – Ascorbate & L-Ascorbic Acid), Dispersing Agent, Amla Dry Extract Zinc, Sulphate Monohydrate, Acidity Regulator, Anticaking Agent, Vitamin D3, Sweetener & Sodium Chloride.

Recommended Usage: One Tablet a day or as advised by the Dietician, In case of accidental overdose contact a physician.

Not to exceed the stated recommended daily usage.



Q.1) Why is it important to consume a combination of Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc?

Ans. There are a myriad of health benefits of these three nutrients when consumed together. Some of the key ones are:


  • Vitamin C combined with Zinc helps in the formation of scar tissue and thereby healing wounds.
  • A combination of Vitamin C and Vitamin D helps promote stamina and strength in the body, as they are both potent antioxidants.


Q.2) How is Zinc important in our daily nutrition?

Ans. Zinc promotes the following health benefits:


  • Helps in supporting immune function
  • Promotes learning and memory
  • Increases wound healing capacity
  • Helps improve metabolism


Q.3) Why chewable tablets?

Ans. Chewable tablets have a lot of direct and indirect benefits:


  • They ensure maximum absorption of nutrients.
  • They are safe for even children to consume.
  • The dosing of nutrients in each tablet is precise, thereby promoting stable amount every day.

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