We often find ourselves thinking that I'm fat and I want to start a diet. After few days our mind goes back to thinking about our favorite meals like pizza, pasta or whatnot. This is a vicious circle and then we end up having a cheat day or cheat meal. Often we end up having a whole cheat day and eat all that we want to.


Do you like to maintain your body? and for that are you doing any particular workout that's requires your body to follow a strict diet? Well anyone who works out and follows a strict diet will surely once in a while will notice that hand going to a large double cheese pizza. These are called cravings for "junk" food. It's human tendency to play with our tastes. A cheat meal is something that you can consume only once in the entire day. This will help you maintain and work towards your goal and obviously will not gain you much weight. We don't only eat food to control our weight but also to be healthy.


There is something known as a "cheat" day, on which you consume all of the foods you were avoiding for the whole day. It should be remembered that cheating is permitted, but only on a limited basis! Cheat meals should be done once a month, maybe twice a month, but referring to every day as a cheat day would not help you.


Here are Dos and Donts of a cheat meal


Dos of a cheat meal


1. Do cardio or some kind of exercise:- After fluffing your food satisfaction, you should do 30-40 minutes of cardio to help you lose fat while staying on track with your goals.


2. Try to keep Calorie count:- When your out for a birthday party, or a family function is sure how many calories you are taking. So for example, if you want to eat cake then don't go for pizza or pasta.


3. Avoid Having anything before cheat meal:- This will assist you in consuming a cheat meal as a 'break,' meaning that you can keep your stomach clean before eating your cheat meal. When you've had your cheat meal, don't forget to work out.


4. Maintain a nutritional balance:- Cheat meals are typically made up of processed foods and sugary beverages with very little to no nutritional value. Although you are free to eat whatever you want for a cheat meal, it is recommended that you have some balanced and nutritious foods on your plate. In addition to getting enough protein, eat high-fiber foods to aid digestion after a heavy meal.


5. Do listen to your cravings:- If you've been working hard to get in the best shape of your life, try to eat something you've been craving during your cheat meal. This will not only keep you full for the rest of the week but will also motivate you to work harder toward your weight-loss goals.


6. Eat limited:- It's difficult for your body to respond to a delicious lunch or dinner, but it's also important to maintain self-control. Since you don't want your exercise and diet routine to be disrupted by this cheat meal. Remember that the key to a balanced diet is to eat well.


Donts of a cheat meal


1. Do not eat in guilt:- Cheat meals that make you feel guilty aren't good for you. You can either eat whatever you want during this period or you can't. However, if you're enjoying the things you like but still feeling bad about them, you're wasting your time.


2. Do not overeat and practice mindful eating:- People appear to go overboard after days and days of intense workouts and balanced eating, and they not only consume all the unhealthy and fatty foods, but they also eat more than their bodies can handle. Although you can be tempted to gorge yourself on all of the tasty and scrumptious-looking food, it is important that you still practice mindful eating. Rather than shoveling it all down your throat, you can savor every bite of food that enters your mouth. This will not only satisfy your hunger but will also rejuvenate your spirit.


3. Do not turn your cheat meal into a cheat day:- You'll begin by eating your favorite food in the morning, and your mind will keep nagging you that it's fine to go for a second round because of your petty self-control. This turns into an entire loop, and you find yourself in a bowl of Nutella. GET UP, WORK OUT, AND BURN OFF The CHEATS MEAL SUGARS OR FAT TO PREVENT THIS Thought OR ONE Poor DECISION FROM RUINING YOUR DAY.


4. Do not skip your workouts:- If you feel like your body has been drained so much and you can no longer exercise, don't stop. Instead, go to the gym three times a week and don't give up. Your body would also be in better shape, with better blood circulation. You might take a break if you're too tired, but it should only be for a day or two.


Once the food cravings are satisfied, it is time to return to the diet. Enjoy the cheat meal till it lasts and get back to the hard work.