Choosing a healthy life in this time and age isn't an option anymore, it has become a necessity. With the worsening condition of the world, more and more people have started being conscious about their health and what they put inside their bodies. There seems to be a common misconception amongst people that the tastier the food, the higher the amount of calories. With so many options available on the internet, it could be difficult to scrounge for the ones that are easy to recreate. Well, this article is here just to bust that old wives' tail with 5 low calorie meals that do not compromise on taste. Feel free to try these out and introduce yourself to the world of healthy eating.


1. Sabudana Khichdi – Usual calorie count – 655kal


A name that is synonymous with scrumptious Navratre food, sabudana khichdi is made of sago/tapioca pearls. The cooking process is simple, just soak the pearls in water for some hours, toss is it in a pan with a little bit of ghee, potatoes, peanuts and a bunch of chillies for a filling meal. There are many videos available on YouTube with the help of which you can choose which version to make. Tapioca starch does not contain any fat or cholesterol which makes it a perfect option for people who are watching their diet. Other benefits of tapioca include being rich in calcium, which is great for the bones and helps in keeping diseases like osteoporosis at bay.


2. Matar Upma – 192kal


Upma, a popular South Indian dish that's typically eaten as breakfast is one of the most well-known low calorie dishes. It has many versions but the addition of peas in the dish packs it with protein and taste. Peas are also a great source of Vitamin E and C and Zinc. Vitamin C and E are vital for the strengthening of the immunity system; they are powerful antioxidants who help ward off infections. Vitamin C, also known as abscorbic acid helps with the formation of collagen, wound healing and the upkeep of cartilage and bones. Cooking it is rather easy, one should just follow the regular method of making upma and add a bunch of peas in it according to the taste.


3. Oats Idli – 30kal each piece


Another South Indian classic makes it to the list. We all know that the traditional idli, made with rice is in itself a pretty healthy dish, which is packed with nutrients. However, you can amp up the fit factor by using oats instead. Oats are a great source of fiber, phosphorus, zinc, thiamine and magnesium. Fiber abundantly available in oats, normalizes bowel movement in the body. It increases the density of the stool and softens it whilst lowering cholesterol level and blood sugar level.


The preparation part for this dish is a little time consuming but the end result is worth it. Powder oats in a blender and make a batter of it with whole wheat rava/semolina or daliya. These idlis can be enjoyed with chutneys or even eaten standalone after adding spices and vegetables according to your preferences.


4. Chicken Tikka – 150Kal


Anyone who goes to the gym will vouch for this dish and its taste and benefits. Chicken is a powerhouse full of protein. It is a lean meat with a list of benefits that are rather unheard of. Chicken is synonymous with weight loss because it doesn't contain much fat. It contains chock full of calcium which prevents diseases like arthritis. Relieving a person of stress is also a property that chicken has, owing to its high tryptophane and vitamin B5 content. The magnesium present in chicken is helpful in alleviate PMS symptoms.


Sauté using vegetable oil and abysmal amount of ghee and use less spices. One bite of this dish and you'd realize why it is the national dish of UK.


5. Palak Paneer – 340kal


Arguably, the best form of spinach is when it is paired with cottage cheese to make one of the best combinations ever. The thick gravy of Palak Paneer is rich in iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, Vitamin A and phosphorus. On top of that impressive list, palak is known to be an antioxidant which can neutralize unstable molecules which are also known as free radicals, which can protect a person against oxidative stress and diseases that can be chronic. Spinach in particular is loaded with carotene, lutein, coumaric acid, violaxanthin and ferulic acid.


Now that's a lot of nutrition being consumed without doing a lot of work! It is best paired with rotis for an all around 10/10 meal.


Now that you're armed with these amazing dish ideas and the benefits they have to offer you, the only thing keeping you away from starting your health journey is the collection of ingredients, a stove and a will to cook. Like the famous Errick McAdams has said, "If you keep good food in your fridge, you will eat good food."


Many delicious foods are low in calories. Most of them are fruits and vegetables that also contain nutrients that benefit your health. Eating a variety of these foods will provide you with plenty of nutrients for a minimal amount of calories.